What We Do

We create


  • Target Market Segmentation Based on Reader Profiling;
  • Development of Content Framework;
  • Content Compilation;
  • Interviews;
  • Writing and Editing;
  • Creative Art Direction of Photography, Layout and Design;
  • Advertising;
  • Production Scheduling; and
  • Printing and Distribution.

We collaborate


  • Media Coaching
  • Media Relations
  • Change Communication
  • Brand Ambassador Campaigns
  • PR and Event Management
  • Corporate Social Investment
  • Reputation Management
  • Networking Facilitation

Having the right approach and the right contacts in the media allows for more scope and control over how your corporate image is portrayed.

We care


Health Communication, is a highly specialised discipline and a new undertaking for Lotus… more of a calling, really.

Health is a basic right. Through our clients, as well as through our own newsletter and blog, our objective is to improve the quality of health communication in South Africa. And in so doing, improve the level of health care – and, ultimately, quality of life.

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When it comes to Health, our interest and commitment to this area has us far more involved than simply writing press releases and hosting promotional events.

In addition to our standard services provided to various stakeholders within the medical industry, we have introduced our own newsletter and blog, aimed at:

  • engaging industry players in robust debate and conversation;
  • soliciting views on current health news, policy and legislative matters;
  • urging practitioners to interrogate, engage in and approach things in a manner that might be different, and possibly better, for their patients; and
  • keeping readers up to date on topical matters in the spotlight of the international stage, with links to insightful information from specialist health care practitioners around the world, including case studies and academic papers.

Not just another communications company

Our profound commitment to the development of health communications ensures that our medical industry clients are guaranteed an authoritative approach that is insightful and relevant, adding massive value to their communication strategies.